Monday, March 3, 2008

Interesting Tidbits!

Music and your Health

  • Here are a few interesting tidbits...what do ya think???

    Edgar Casey predicted that the medicine of the future would be healing by sound.

  • "The reality of the music is in the vibration that remains in the ear" …after the music is over…Kahil Gibran.

  • The higher and stronger our energy is, the less likely we are to be affected by others, the more we can adapt to a wider range forces, people and conditions.

  • Sound alters the electromagnetic fields around us. Sound can restore homeostasis to our bodies.

  • To raise our energy with balance is to raise our health.

  • Don Campbell, in his book, the Mozart Affect, showed that music has all kinds of beneficial effects on the human body. Scientists suggest that music can improve our concentration and intuition.

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