Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey are a few more quotes...anything jog anyone's interest???

"The whole human mechanism is a resonator for sound." ~ Hazrat Khan, Head of the Sufi Order

"Electromagnetic energy, and perhaps other forms of energy, influence cellular function at the level of the cell receptor." ~ Beverly Rubik, leading synthesizer of research on energy medicine

"Every human molecule has a particular corresponding musical frequency; and masses of particles behave and maneuver among themselves as if they were musical notes on the chromatic scale." ~ Joel Sternheimer, from his article, "The Music of the Elementary Particles"

"As medicine moves toward holistic approaches that integrate body, mind, and emotion, it becomes more like music, which has always concerned itself with a person's total beingness" ~ Helen Bonney, Pioneer music therapist, developer of Guided Imagery with Music
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"It is the task of the Chalice worker to free the physical body from literal time, burdened time, to be replaced with eternity. The music helps the body and soul unbind (but not destroy) the threads that sustain life processes by freeing patients from time. Perhaps it is the mirror opposite of entrainment; perhaps is it a micro-cosmic entrainment." ~ Therese Schroeder-Shueker, The Chalice of Repose Project, Music Thanatology -- The Extended Art of Palliative Medicine for the Dying

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Eliana Gilad said...

"The whole human mechanism is a resonator for sound." ~ Hazrat Khan, Head of the Sufi Order

Makes total sense. Sound is the essence of all matter. Everything vibrates... that's the essence of the atom itself. Therefore, everything, neccessarily vibrates.

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