Monday, November 10, 2008

Phenomenal Frequencies

Jill Mattson,

Sound is a force of nature that relatively few individuals have understood well enough to fully utilize its breadth of application. For millennia, however, a few of those well versed persisted in their study of such arcana so that it has morphed into an advanced branch of science today. People through the ages have employed sound to accomplish a vast range of surprising, practical, even fearsome tasks – from achieving political and governmental strategies to agricultural and other commercial, religious, as well as personal purposes … from attaining a measure of control over civilians’ minds to liquefying body organs (or breaking up gallstones and destroying fibroid tumors in mainstream Western medicine today). Not well known is the fact that just as sound can be used to heal, however, it can be used to kill.

The US Navy has tested for over 7500 hours a low frequency active sonar devise to track submarines. It operates at 120 to 240 decibels or volume of sound. In comparison, a jet engine operates at about 120 decibels. As the decibel scale is logarithmic, 240 decibels is one billion times greater than 140 decibels, not to mention that sound travels farther and faster in water than in air.

After the navy employed this testing, many whales were beached, some showing the cause of death as destroyed brain and ear tissue damage. After being sued by environmental groups the military shelled out millions to research the effects of high-powered sonar on marine life.
According to a navy document, a Navy diver suffered dizziness, confusion, and tingling in the arms after being exposed to 15 minutes of 160 decibels of this sonar. Months later, he complained about on ongoing memory loss, depression and seizures. Another individual, Chris Reid, experienced similar short and long-term symptoms after being exposed to 124 decibels of the same sonar.

The walls of Jericho were reported to crumble, leaving the city defenseless and open to ruin, after the prolonged sound of trumpets. Harmonic scientist, Harold Moses claims that the sound of two pitches, five notes a part will create ongoing energy. Fabien Maman, a "sound" scientist, claims that playing in the key of "G" would enable such a task to be effective.

French scientist, Gavrand, experimented with the effects of a six-foot police whistle after World War II. The technician died on the spot when the whistle was sounded: an autopsy revealed that his organs had been jellied. Clearly the potential of sound as a weapon is evident.

The Chinese, many thousands of years ago, controlled elements of all music, such as pitches, style and the types of instruments used during different times of the year, so as to control the harmonics that each instrument created. This was done to police the sound vibrations entering the masses’ consciousness. The rulers believed this method enabled them to control the masses. While this approach may seem weird, their dynasties did last for thousands of years -- while we have difficulty at times maintaining order with our presidential term of four years. Ancient Druid traditions also utilized perpetual choirs (24/7) to preserve certain energy frequencies that they believed might help them stay in power. Indeed, Lure states that the music did indeed stop before the ancient Druids lost power during the Inquisition.

Sound is now being used to produce specific brain waves in people. Numerous studies concerning the use of sound and light machines enable listeners to tune their brains to specific "help frequencies" that facilitate improvements, including increased abilities to learn and adapt quickly to change. Specific frequencies are also known to facilitate psychic phenomena such as remote viewing.

Other techniques for controlling brain functions come from the use of binaural beats in headphones to trigger the coordination of both left and right hemispheres of the brain, triggering whole-brain functioning rather than everyday right- or left-brain functioning. This technique has significant impacts on learning, IQ, creativity, and intuitive thinking. As above, so below, was the sage of Hermes, referring to the application of universal laws to the heavens, earth and also on a microscopic level. The work of French physicist, Joel Sternheimer, shows that amino acids could be isolated, and a unique frequency measured for each one. When different tones from a group of amino acids in a protein were combined, Sternheimer recognized some plant species’ songs as familiar ones such as "O Sole Mio" and "The Blue Danube." Better yet, when Sternheimer played a plant’s amino acids’ songs back to the plants of the same species, he documented 250 percent plant growth and resilience to drought and disease. Several Internet companies, such as Sonic Bloom, now sell plant songs and nutrients for increased 50 to 500 percent growth.

People have observed numerical patterns in nature that often mirror our musical system of chords. These numbers can be converted to frequencies, exposing us aurally to numerical patterns often found in nature. Some believe that using new chords with these same numerical patterns could effect change in mass consciousness. Some composers, such as Jill Mattson, used these patterns of vibrations in their music.

Fabien Maman, who lives in France, has taken pictures with Kirlian photography of cells in our bodies exposed to a variety of frequencies. He documented the shapes and colors of the cells while they were undergoing changes, depending on the pitch and type of instrument used (which affect the dominant harmonics of a pitch). He also showed certain sounds exploding helia cancer cells, which are rigid and unable to resonate with some frequencies.

This is just a sampling of many fascinating stories of the powers of sound and music that can be harnessed. I have years of experience introducing people to these powers in intriguing, entertaining, and indeed enthralling ways, opening a whole new world to audiences so they never again consider sound, hearing, or even our ears in the same way.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Medical research studies on Healing Sounds

"Music stimulation increases endorphin release and this decreases the need for medication. It also provides a distraction from pain and relieves anxiety" -- from research conducted at an Austin, Texas medical center.

How cool can it get?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey are a few more quotes...anything jog anyone's interest???

"The whole human mechanism is a resonator for sound." ~ Hazrat Khan, Head of the Sufi Order

"Electromagnetic energy, and perhaps other forms of energy, influence cellular function at the level of the cell receptor." ~ Beverly Rubik, leading synthesizer of research on energy medicine

"Every human molecule has a particular corresponding musical frequency; and masses of particles behave and maneuver among themselves as if they were musical notes on the chromatic scale." ~ Joel Sternheimer, from his article, "The Music of the Elementary Particles"

"As medicine moves toward holistic approaches that integrate body, mind, and emotion, it becomes more like music, which has always concerned itself with a person's total beingness" ~ Helen Bonney, Pioneer music therapist, developer of Guided Imagery with Music
Joel Andrews golden harp website

"It is the task of the Chalice worker to free the physical body from literal time, burdened time, to be replaced with eternity. The music helps the body and soul unbind (but not destroy) the threads that sustain life processes by freeing patients from time. Perhaps it is the mirror opposite of entrainment; perhaps is it a micro-cosmic entrainment." ~ Therese Schroeder-Shueker, The Chalice of Repose Project, Music Thanatology -- The Extended Art of Palliative Medicine for the Dying

Monday, March 10, 2008

Here are a few interesting tiebits...thought you might like! J

Music is now used in surgical and dental procedures to reduce the pain and anxiety of the patients. 59,000 patients 97 percent said that music helped them relax in post op situations.

The human organism is not only constructed according to harmonic principles, but also functions within them." ~ Gunther Hildebrandt, German physiologist

"It has been found that the rhythmics of the human organism function utterly harmonically -- that is, the frequencies of pulse, breathing, blood circulation, etc., as well as their combined activities." ~ Rudolf Haase, German musicologist

The body needs coordination with body, mind and emotions to heal. Music affects all three, as they are energies in and around the body.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Making Music Is Beautiful!

I was recording today, and as usual I feel exctasy!!!! This energy comes into my body, either from the top of my head or it walks into the back of me.It feels divine! happy day to you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Read about Healing with music (written by me) in Evolve Magazine

How exciting! I just heard that the magazine Evolve, just printed an article of mine on healing with music! I hope to get a copy and I'll share the article with you!!! Cool, eh?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Interesting Tidbits!

Music and your Health

  • Here are a few interesting tidbits...what do ya think???

    Edgar Casey predicted that the medicine of the future would be healing by sound.

  • "The reality of the music is in the vibration that remains in the ear" …after the music is over…Kahil Gibran.

  • The higher and stronger our energy is, the less likely we are to be affected by others, the more we can adapt to a wider range forces, people and conditions.

  • Sound alters the electromagnetic fields around us. Sound can restore homeostasis to our bodies.

  • To raise our energy with balance is to raise our health.

  • Don Campbell, in his book, the Mozart Affect, showed that music has all kinds of beneficial effects on the human body. Scientists suggest that music can improve our concentration and intuition.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gematria and Healing Codes

Isn't this cool....your name and birth date in music...your song!

Gematria and Healing Codes

The ancient Sumarians used a code of converting letters in one’s name and numbers of ones birth date to music. Our name is this life’s blue print, containing our path for this life.
The Sumarians reported that they received this code form the star people. Joel Andrews, a concert harpist, shared this info that he received form his teacher, Carlos Salzedos. Joel used it to create healing codes for individuals.
After meeting and hearing Margaret Tilly play for him, Carl Jung said: "I don't know what's happening to me. What are you doing?" After describing some of her case histories, he said, "This opens up whole new avenues of research I'd never even dreamed of, not because of what you've said, but what I've actually felt and experienced. I feel that from now on music should be an essential part of every analysis, because it reaches the deep archetypal work with patients." Joel Andrews' meeting with Margaret Tilly around 1963 helped to inspire him to begin his work as a music healer.
Mr. Andrews: "Regular meditation and positive affirmations with the music I have created, can significantly help you deal with all the stressful challenges of life, as well as maintain your balance, well-being, and enjoyment of life. These things can help prevent disease."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

more on healing with music!

A bit more on the subject!!!

"Through the process of entrainment, sound can transform negative, repressed emotions into a state of psychological equanimity that has direct and immediate effects on our physiology. Sonic entrainment can also restore harmony between our innermost selves - our essence and the universe, thus re-awakening our spiritual consciousness."

"When properly mobilized, sound can specifically entrain the human organism toward the greater harmony and homeostasis that it requires to remain vibrant and to regenerate after injury or illness. The properties of sound medicine -entrainment, harmony and homeostasis- represent the rational AND spiritual foundation for a new movement in the healing arts and sciences."

"Sound and music can help you develop your own intuitions which, in turn, can help you with your own healing. The human capacity for intuition and its effects on the body, on relationships, and on one's environment is not grounded on the occult or esoterica, but rather in hard scientific investigation by some of the great minds of physics and philosophy."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I thought that you might enjoy this info...about how music can be used in the medical field!


From "The Sounds of Healing," by: Dr. Mitchell Gaynor:

"Music can have a powerful salutary effect on our cardio-vascular, immune, and nervous systems, not to mention our emotional and spiritual selves."

"Sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essence, so that inner chaos, conflict, and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony."

"I believe unequivocally - and I've seen for myself the proof - that the use of sound is among the most powerful modalities ever embraced by twentieth-century practitioners."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To begin a blog on the power of music...I decided to just leave a few miscelaneous tidbits of some ways music has been used in history.

History and Healing With Music

By the time Egyptians built the Pyramids and sphinxes, it had organized choruses of 12,000 voices and orchestras of 6,000 instruments. Many believe that the use of directed and controlled sound, helped them accomplishedthe heaviest labor of the building of the pyramids.

Babylonian tradition of astronomy and numerology…they put the zodiac in a circle and divided it into 360 degrees, The ancient Chinese did this, but eliminated the Pythagorean coma so the 12 fifths fit in to this circle.

Music is a force to alter civilizations. Several years before the American Revolution, patriotic and freedom songs were popular.

In the Bible David played the harp to lift Saul’s depression. Egyptian papyri over 2,6000 years old refer to incantations as cures for infertility and rheumatic pain.

The ancient Greeks believed music had the power to heal the body and soul. They used the flute and the lyre for gout and sciatica. It is said that that Alexander the Great had his sanity restored by music played on the lyre.

There is a Greek saying, "men have a song as a physician for pain." Pythagorus used incantation, melodies and rhythms to cure diseases of the body and mind.