Monday, March 10, 2008

Here are a few interesting tiebits...thought you might like! J

Music is now used in surgical and dental procedures to reduce the pain and anxiety of the patients. 59,000 patients 97 percent said that music helped them relax in post op situations.

The human organism is not only constructed according to harmonic principles, but also functions within them." ~ Gunther Hildebrandt, German physiologist

"It has been found that the rhythmics of the human organism function utterly harmonically -- that is, the frequencies of pulse, breathing, blood circulation, etc., as well as their combined activities." ~ Rudolf Haase, German musicologist

The body needs coordination with body, mind and emotions to heal. Music affects all three, as they are energies in and around the body.

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Eddie Storms said...

That's good! Music may help a patient forget about his worries. We listen to music because we want to relax and avoid boredom. Good music and sedation dentistry can really help patients overcome their fear of the dentist chair.